Are you ready for your transformation?  During this consultation you will learn:

  • What does your image say about you.

  • The ABCD's that break or make your image.

  • The best lines to accentuate your positives.

  • What is your style personality, how you dress and why you do it that way.

  • Your power colors.

  • How to dress to different occasions and make it right.

  • Put together all the details that make the best of you.



During 7 short seconds people make a quick decision about us.

Should they trust us? Buy from us? Work with us?

Your initial imprint on your customers is an important start to building a relationship with them.

I will show you how you can influence the message you send to others and therefore make them buy faster.

  • Participants gain awareness that every contribution is relevant for a spectacular customer service experience.

  • Consistency between your employees' personal identity and your strong corporate image builds trust and increases sales.

  • Audience members will benefit by learning that clear and authentic self-presentation leads to increase confident and self esteem.

  • Being perceived as someone who reflects the corporate image and is dedicated to the business will open opportunities.